Buy Back Used Books

Bring in your Used Books to earn STORE CREDIT!

If you have great books and want to sell or donate them, fiction & non-fiction, contact us by phone, email, DM or in-person at the bookstore and set up an appointment. Appointments are scheduled for Tuesday-Saturday from 11am-5pm.

How it works: Bring in up to 25 books at a time (approx. 1 Banker’s Box) and we will assess them based on condition and current demand for title. For any title we accept, we can offer you 10% of what we can sell the book for and on-the-spot store credit. If you have a large collection of books (i.e more than 200 books…think one title away from becoming a bookstore yourself!), send an email to request a home visit and be sure to include a brief description of your collection with at least 3-5 pictures representative of your collection.

Any books that we cannot accept MUST be taken back with you and removed from the bookstore.

Current Needs / Wants:

  • Art
  • Fiction
  • Classics
  • Manga
  • New Age
  • Spirituality
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • Latin American History

Currently Do NOT Need/Want:

  • American History
  • Biography
  • Self-Help
  • Business
  • Plays
  • Poetry
  • Media
  • Antiques

Things We NEVER Take:

  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Encyclopedias
  • Reader’s Digest
  • Advanced Reader’s Copies
  • Textbooks & OLD Technology Books
  • Dirty / Moldy / Water-Damaged Books
  • Books That Smell Like Smoke

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