Buy Back Used Books

Due to Covid-19 our stores will not be able to accept books until further notice.

Bring in your Used Books to earn STORE CREDIT!

We can accept two bankers sized boxes per visit Monday-Saturday. If you have 10-15 books we can offer on-the-spot credit. We offer 10% in store credit for what we sell the books for in our store. We are looking for good condition fiction & non-fiction! We cannot accept any encyclopedias/world books, excessively outdated material (cookbooks/reference), loose/scratched discs, VHS, magazines/newspapers, Reader’s Digest/Time/Life/People, ex-library books, uncorrected proofs/advanced reader’s copies, or torn/dirty/damaged titles. Store credit offers are determined by condition and demand of the title. We reserve the right to turn away books if they are not in a sellable quality or not in demand.

If you have a large collection of books, (think one title away from becoming a bookstore yourself!) send an email to with a description of your collection so we can potentially send someone to evaluate them.